Please email us with your name, contact number, address and which service you are interested in.  Our services are:

Our bag services are $35 for each bag on a 4 weekly cycle, $45 each for a 8 weekly cycle and $55 each on an “on demand” service.   One off collections are $65.  Collections are kept to cycle dates.

Our bin service is $20 for 1 bin, $30 for 2 and $40 for 3 bins on a 4 weekly cycle with no deferrals.

Payments are made quarterly in advance as fees are calculated on an annual basis but invoiced quarterly for your convenience.

Our preference is for Credit Card Payments.  We have secure facilities to store this information. Please return the credit card authorisation form attached and we will charge your credit card when account is due. A receipt – directly from the bank – will be sent to your email upon payment being charged. There is no fee incurred for Credit card payments.




EFT Payments

Name: EXO Sustain Recycling t/a Express Garden Bags and Southern Recycling

BSB: 032 120

Acc: 177739

Payment is due 7 days from collection.  If your account is overdue we require a credit card authorisation so that we will process your payment.  Please advise if you would like your details kept securely and we will process your credit card payment as it is due.

Our system is automated and it will keep sending out invoices/statements on a weekly basis until your account is paid. If you have made a payment in the meantime please allow 7 days for your payment to be uploaded to your account.

Please check that you used your Customer Account Number in your payment description.  This number can be found on your invoices.  If you did not use your account reference number, then please reply with date of your payment and reference used. Once we locate and allocate your payment it will be applied to your account and show on your next invoice.

Also payments are uploaded to our system once a week on the weekend, as such please allow a minimum of 7 working days for your payment to be uploaded and acknowledged on your invoice/statement.

Check that your payment went to the correct account – BSB032 120 ACC177 739

Finally be mindful that EFT payments into our account can take up to 2 working days to clear.  If you pay on a Friday your payment won’t be processed until Monday or Tuesday the following week.

Please refer to your calendar.  If you do not have one, we will send one to your email.  If you do not have an email please ask for a hardcopy and we will drop off when we next collect.

Invoices will have future collection dates stated.

Please leave out a few days, we may be running late by a day or so

Check if it was too heavy – we will pick up at next collection once you’ve split the bag (we will provide a second bag).  You will be charged accordingly.

We require unencumbered access to the bag, our drivers are allocated 7 minutes to make a collection. Please avoid placing bags behind locked gates.

Bags and bins must be easily accessible to the driver on collection dates. We prefer your bag/bin be placed on the kerb for collection.  If this is not possible please leave in the front yard where they can be easily accessible.

The garden bags hold 3 to 4 times the amount of waste as does a wheelie bin. They sit inside a metre square frame and are 1.2 metres high.

Bags that are too heavy – a spare bag will be provided for the customer to tip out some of the waste into the new bag at no extra cost.  Both bags will then be picked up at the next collection and charged accordingly.

If you have NOT provided us with notice of minimum of 7 days for a NPU (no pick up), your bags will be collected regardless of the amount of contents and charged as per above.


Our on demand customers pay a premium price to have their bags picked up ONLY when they request a pick up.  However, pick up dates are restricted to cycle dates and we will pick up when we are next in your area.  Our cycles are 4 weeks and so this means that you may need to wait up to 4 weeks for pick up. This is because we are FULLY booked.

If you require an extra pick up, you will be provided with an extra bag in lieu of an extra pick up as we cannot collect outside of our cycle days.  If this is the case please remember to request your extra bag with enough notice so we can load it on the truck.

Bags – Please make sure you have provided 1 week notice.  We can no longer accept no picks up for less than 7 days as we cannot ensure we get to your message in time.  If you have not advised us and your bag is empty or almost empty you will only be charged $15 not the full service amount. Please see below for fees around deferrals.


Bins are not deferrable which means you cannot cancel a scheduled collection.  Collection will take place regardless of how much waste is in the bin/bag, low fees are calculated based on regular collections.


Fees are based on frequency of collections.  $35 for monthly, $45 for every 8 weeks and $55 for on demand or 3 months or more between collections.  One off collections are $65.

When you defer a collection, your next collection will be charged at the next tier up.  So for example if you are a monthly customer and you defer a pick up, you will be charged $45 for your next collection as it has been 8 weeks since your last collection.  Likewise if you are an 8 weekly customer and defer your collection, your next collection will be charged at $55 as it has been 3 months or more in between collections.


Unfortunately, due to massive increases in fuel and staff expenses, we cannot continue to not charge people that request a “no pick up”.  We are confident that our customers will understand that it is fair and reasonable to have more frequent customers pay less for their collections than “one off” and less frequent customers.




Please provide 1 cycle notice.  This will ensure you don’t have to wait until next cycle to have your bag/bins removed.  Also, we will not remove the bags/bins unless the final account is paid which is the amount of the last pick up.  E.g. if your account is $0 without any owing, you will need to pay your service amount in advance, BEFORE we can collect your bag/bin for the final time.  So if you normally pay $35, this is what your final account will be.