Garden Bags

Why Garden Bags?

Our garden rubbish removal bags are tough, sturdy wool bales installed onto a metal frame. This means:

    • Three times the capacity of a Council green wheelie bin..
    • Super easy disposal facility that’s ergonomically friendly on your back.
    • You can ask for a spare bag just in case you need it.
    • No installation or cancellation costs.
    • There are options for deferring your collection if you haven’t had time to fill your bag

What about Council’s Green Bins?

  • Council’s green wheelie bins hold about a quarter of the garden waste that a garden rubbish removal bag can hold.
  • Palm fronds, branches and most prunings need to be chopped into very small pieces by hand to fit them into a council wheelie bin.
  • The bin owner is responsible for dragging the bin out to the footpath for collection.